Integrated Production

Botox Chronic Migraine

Synopsis: When you’re living with fifteen or more extreme headache days a month, and each headache lasts four hours or more, a lot of your life is eaten up  managing pain. Add to that at least eight headache days a month associated with deep migraine, and you’ve got a tough situation. 
Scope: With a simple and dramatic studio treatment, produce a series of emotional MOS moving expressions and matched still for advertising channels. Featuring patients who are finally feeling relief from years of pain.
Scale: Soup-to-nuts production management and direction—inclusive of cost breakdown/control, casting, all pre-production, production, scheduling and post.
Usage / Distribution / Channel(s): Digital, interactive, collateral, and print.
Delivered: Screening gallery of still and live action takes; four fully retouched still photos and transfer of color-graded sequences from live action timeline.

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