DIGITAL, Strategy

Purpose: Operation-365 is a timely and much needed social movement. One that sees the remarkable worth of the individual and is doing something constructive to share and give in the face-to-face world. Proving that the individual impact of any one person truly matters, as together, our community of 1,000s of diverse people, in their own neighborhoods, and in their own ways, are very much bettering the way we view and treat one another.
Scope: Creative direction, implementation and development of strategy and content production to expand the mission of a social outreach and community building advocacy. All aspects of digital, from campaign, engagement, program development, recruitment, design, hashtag, key wording, targeting, analytics, field research, focus, tactics and organizational development.
Usage / Distribution / Channel(s): Digital / Product / Collateral
Delivered: Pretty much everything you can imaging it takes to distribute and produce weekly/daily content for mainstream digital channels.

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