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Sidewalk Ghosts

Project: It all began September 9th, 2011 when Richard began blogging a series of daily portraits and essays of random strangers he interviewed every day for almost two years. 1,000s of diverse individuals— strangers to each other, who together shared their hopes, fears and views. All responding to a similar set of questions. The results were varied, but one profound message emerged: The need for empathy toward our fellow human.
Result: Seen by tens-of-thousands, these essays and portraits seemed to touch the hearts and minds of many. At first it was slow going, but when WordPress featured the project as one of the top ten daily blogs for 2012 to follow, miracles began to happen. A global community was born, and as 1,000s more saw the faces, read the essays, and absorbed the wisdom of absolute strangers, a real and powerful majority was discovered. A people who are brave enough to care very much about one another regardless of race, creed, or outlook—in agreement or not. A people realizing that our greatest connecting point is our diversity. A movement began that has, to this day, continued to inspire countless individuals to take part in bettering the way we view and treat our neighbor—one deed, one word and one interaction at a time.
Scale: This is an ongoing project with many components, inclusive of strategy, organizational development, product design, educational outreach, communication, advocacy, content creation, editorial copy, photography, digital and social media.
Usage / Distribution / Channel(s): Website, digital channels, outreach, advocacy and installation.

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