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The Gail S. Halvorsen Legacy


A Tribute From The Director

This is a secret and sacred story. One that holds a name revered, but in doing so, sings a praise to a life so very well lived.

For 10 hours I drove to meet him, Eighty miles an hour of rented car beneath me I journeyed to find twenty minutes of audience with him, and in him a light that shone the power of a mighty heart. A life dedicated to not himself, but for the world around him.

His impact, huge and subtle, he will be ever valiant as to the children he pledged a warm life ahead. A lesson, as looking into his eyes and infectious smile, was taught and earned through the hardships he witnessed and life he lived. One that has the power of a heavily loaded aircraft but speaks in a gentle roar­ –­ a lesson for all who raise their chins to see the grandest builder of all, the value of a human soul.

So to my new and most precious friend, might we all pay a unified tribute. Taking breath to pause as he did. To slow ourselves in the storm of all around, and as we do, to see the details of this world we share. To look into the eyes of our close ones and the strangers we pass by. For in that control and gesture, perhaps we might see the childhood spirit that lives within us all.

— Richard Radstone