Director, Photographer, Executive Producer


A storyteller to the core, Richard is driven by curiosity for deeper knowledge of the human experience and concern for those around him.

From the award winning Freedmen’s Bureau outreach featuring Gladys Knight and a who’s who list of recognizable religious, publishing and academic leaders; to the public awareness, advocacy and short form documentary “The Village”; to high-profile commercial projects for brands the scale of ATT, Richard continuously crafts meaningful and honest stories that connect person-to-person.

Richard’s has an innate ability to, in his words, “look under the hood,” as he engages with all he works with in directing, photographing and producing thoughtful and well-executed works. In him, an openness and regard for the value of others, decades of experience managing the broad range of production departments, hands-on expertise in most every detail of the film-making and photography and design processes, a keep eye for honoring the spirit of a story, and through that, the ability to quickly, and cost effectively, adapt to any situation.

Living in Los Angeles with his wife, daughter, two dysfunctional dogs, and with over 30 years of domestic and global commissions in his portfolio, Richard heads the c47 family as he continues to hone the perspectives that drive him as a storyteller, filmmaker, photographer, producer, artist and human.

CORE COMPETENCIES: Moving Picture, Still Photography, Casting, Story Development, Pitch, Creative Direction, Digital Strategy, Team Management, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production, Above-the-Line and Below-The-Line Management/Cost Control.