Director of photography


A loving father, dedicated husband and tireless creative, Ulf brings decades of perspective, wisdom and technical excellence to the family of c47. Swedish born, well traveled and extremely grounded, he is not only an accomplished Director of Photography; but most humbly, a man who fully owns a full and rich life experience. With a signature blend of balanced outlook toward life and work, he is a consummate professional. No matter the scale of any project, his talent, sense of humor, ability to quickly adapt to situation and go forward ethic to team are foundation to many of our productions.

Never turning away from any challenge we, and those we collaborate with, throw at him; Ulf is our minuteman. A go forward thinker who is always on the leading edge of technology, and, supported by a keen eye for what is happening in art and life, has a deep well to pull from.

Core Competencies: All Camera Formats (35mm film to digital), Steadicam, Drone, Lighting Design, Camera Blocking and Rigging, Editing and Post-Production Oversight.