Dawn Olay: Commercial

Back Commercial Production Dawn Olay Title: “Beautiful Dishes—Beautiful You.” Synopsis: Family just served me a wonderful patio breakfast and spring is in full blossom. The table is cleared and the kids and dad are off to the nursery to run errands. It’s my quiet time. A little yoga, a sip of lemonade, and the dishes—it’s something that I gladly … Read more

SDGE: Integrated

Back Previous Next Integrated Production SDGE Project: Produce multicultural content representing a range of San Diego Gas & Electric customers using digital and environmentally friendly products and services. Scope: From want list and fixed budget, produce still library and short clips.Scale: Soup-to-nuts production management, development, and execution—inclusive of cost breakdown and control, casting, location, production design, … Read more

Freedmen’s Bureau: Documentary

Back Documentary Production Freedmen’s Bureau Project: To help bring thousands of records to light, The Freedmen’s Bureau Project was created as a set of partnerships between FamilySearch International and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society (AAHGS), and the California … Read more

Operation-365: Social

Back GET INVOLVED DIGITAL, Strategy Operation-365.org Purpose: Operation-365 is a timely and much needed social movement. One that sees the remarkable worth of the individual and is doing something constructive to share and give in the face-to-face world. Proving that the individual impact of any one person truly matters, as together, our community of 1,000s of … Read more

AltaMed: Content Library

Back CONTENT LIBRARY PRODUCTION AltaMed Project: Re-Branding Photo ShootScope: AltaMed contracted us to set new tone for photography. We worked closely with agency and AltaMed internal marketing departments to design an approach for capturing in-the-moment attitude photos with a warm and contrasty look. The end goal was to create photographs that represented healthy living and … Read more

The Village: Documentary

Back Trailer Documentary Production “Under The Radar” Project: “The Village”  15 minute pilotSynopsis: Under the Radar is a documentary series, each segment is a special story about an individual or individuals who do not know their story is special. In their mind, they are just doing what they do. But we learn that their story has … Read more

FDA, Washington, DC: Library

Back Previous Next CONTENT LIBRARY PRODUCTION FDA: Washington, DC Project: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is rich in diversity, talent and technology. Their culture is inclusive and collaborative. Our job was to capture it.Scope: From an Excel document, phone discussion, and a very tight set of governmental requirements, we designed a management and production approach … Read more

David’s Bridal: Advertising, Library

Back Advertising, Library Production David’s Bridal Project: When David’s Bridal launched their wedding photography service, they had zero assets and needed content in a hurry. Two weeks later we delivered their first customer samples.Scope: Ten days to produce a full-blown wedding! Bride and groom getting ready for a well-attended ceremony, then on to a themed reception, … Read more

Sidewalk Ghosts: Digital, Documentary

Back Digital, Influence Sidewalk Ghosts Project: It all began September 9th, 2011 when Richard began blogging a series of daily portraits and essays of random strangers he interviewed every day for almost two years. 1,000s of diverse individuals—strangers to each other, who together shared their hopes, fears, and views. All responded to a similar set … Read more

Crazy Rain: Library

Back Previous Next CONTENT LIBRARY PRODUCTION Crazy Rain Project: It rained like we’ve never seen before, but that didn’t stop us from completing a content production for San Diego Gas & Electric and their agency, Sensis. Our feet got a little wet, but we went to town with rain blocks and safety precautions, and in the … Read more