E-Verify – Advertising, Library

Back Content production E-Verify Project: Scenes of diversity; employees and employers working together and using Everify digital products. Scope: From an Excel document, phone discussion and within a very tight set of governmental requirements, we designed a management and production approach to capture a broad content library at locations in the Washington DC area.Scale: Front to back-end production—shoot breakdown, … Read more

Aczone – Advertising

Back Advertising Aczone Project: Studio production for product launch campaign.Scope: We were provided detailed layouts and medical specifications for before and after results of product. Project required very specific casting and simple set design in brand color palette.Scale: All production management and direction—inclusive of cost breakdown and control, casting, pre-production, production, set design, wardrobe, vanities and post.Usage / Distribution / Channel(s): Website, digital, collateral and print. Previous Next … Read more

Pine Sol – Digital

Back Digital Pine-Sol Title: “A Song To Change” Project: Pine-Sol created a Facebook engagement campaign allowing subscribers to vote for finalists based on their video testimonials. We collaborated with agency to produce a two camera production to film these interviews.Scale: Agency scheduled finalists, we handled production and direction, turning raw assets to agency for finish.Usage / Distribution / Channel(s): DigitalDelivered: Raw 4k assets transferred via hard drive shuttle. We … Read more

Beringer – Digital

Back Digital Beringer Title: “Los Hermanos” Synopsis: It’s a weekend gathering, diverse people greeting each other as they enjoy conversation while creating new memories. In the kitchen, more people uncork bottles, sampling five different varieties of Los Hermanos wines. Captivated by a wonderful bouquet, sipping from glasses, toasting and smiling, all are pleasantly surprised by the approachability … Read more

Botox – Integrated

Back Integrated Production Botox Therapeutic Synopsis: If you live with spasticity, you’re not alone. About 1.8 million Americans also live with it. The stiff muscles. The bent elbow or curled toes. The clenched fist or rigid ankle. Perhaps you have tried to find treatment, but still haven’t found one that works for you. Scope: Working closely with agency creative, we … Read more

Giant – Advertising

Back Advertising Giant Project: Advertising, in-store and collateral campaigns.Scope: Using headlines and copy blocks as starting points, we created action and lifestyle based imagery highlighting key action moments and themed concepts telling stories that cyclists could relate to.Scale: We did a lot of everything for Giant. From producing shoots in the slot canyons of Zion National Park to … Read more

Nikon – Advertising

Back Advertising campaign Nikon Project: For product launch of a new high-speed professional camera, Nikon asked us to produce a series of specified stop-action track & field moments.Scope: From provided pencil sketch thumbnails, placement layouts and a pre-production meeting, we produced the content in a one day production.Scale: This project came to us in partnership with another production … Read more

Lyrica – Advertising

Back Previous Next Advertising Lyrica Project: Consumer Advertising CampaignScope: From layout and mood boards provided, produce three ad series of women feeling the relief to be expected by using Lyrica.Scale: Soup-to nuts production management and development—Inclusive of cost breakdown and control, casting, all pre-production, scheduling, production and post production (crew, equipment, talent, vanities, wardrobe, retouching and all other production and post expenses.)Usage / Distribution / Channel(s): Website, digital, collateral … Read more

TechAlliance – Advertising

Back advertising Tech Alliance Project: Ad CampaignScope: From layouts provided, produce a series of two ads in two formats.Scale: Production management and directorial– Inclusive of cost breakdown and control; casting; all pre-production, scheduling, production (crew, vanities, wardrobe, studio, equipment and meals,) retouch and delivery.Usage / Distribution / Channel(s): Website, digital, collateral and print.Delivered: Four fully retouched files– high-res AdobeRGB psds and low-res sRGB jpegs. We Invite You … Read more

Arturo Calle – Advertising Campaign

Back advertising campaign Arturo Calle So we get a call from a good producer friend. He says one of his clients has a complex project that might be right up our alley. As he explained the assignment, we instantly bought in. After all, we love a challenge! The layouts called for the complete creation of … Read more